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Special alloy wire Processing equipment

Silver Line tractor

First, the technical parameters
Second, the device description:
         Special alloy wire traction machine designed for the production of special alloy materials, such as silver and other precious metals, which includes melting and crystallization as well as one of the traction device.
Part of the device frequency furnace melting, mainly using thyristor frequency power supply, is a three-phase power frequency current transformation of the single-phase inverter IF current device is mainly used for a variety of metallic materials and alloys。 This unit has a fully-controlled three-phase bridge rectifier circuit and the parallel combination of the inverter circuit。 Control part of the IC to achieve a microcomputer control, compared with the other lines, with advanced technology, simple structure, reliable performance, debugging, maintenance is simple and convenient, high output power, work fast, high efficiency, low power consumption, reliable operation, low failure rate and so on。 Line also designed a variety of current and voltage overload protection function fast, so that the product is running very reliable。 For long-term or intermittent work。
The temperature of the molten material reaches the traction process requirements, with the lifting mechanism to raise up the melting furnace, the crystal is immersed in the liquid metal, the mold is made from graphite, the crystallizer has a water jacket, for colorectal quasi-cooled liquid metal, the metal graphite mold coolant liquid is cooled and solidified after pulling out, the wire is wound on the take-up end plate.

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