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Tin Solder Product Making Equipment

Automatic Billet casting machine

1. Technical parameters:


      VT-85A for my company independent research and development of products, sub-type casting rods conventional digital machines and CNC machine casting rods in two models, mainly used for leaded and lead-free solder and tin alloy rod material production, provide the appropriate extrusion extrusion tin ingots.
The machine is a casting rod from the rack, incubator, sizing device, traction devices, cutting device, cooling system, hydraulic system and electrical control system.
      First by melting tin solder materials after smelting furnace to cast rod machine incubator, the incubator, further tin water temperature adjusted to achieve optimum pouring temperature。 Incubator tin valve opens, water will be filled with stereotypes tin sets, after adequate cooling after molding by a traction device to pull out of the bar, when drawing enough after a predetermined length blade cutting device will start, right bar cutting implement, and then slide off the roll bar trough shelves, the process is automatically controlled。
      This machine has an advanced control system, according to the different components solder materials, you can set the appropriate traction time, in order to ensure the reliability of traction, lack of materials and full material can automatically alarm, to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.
      Extrusion machine according to the user the length of the bar, the corresponding cut length can be set to meet the requirements of the continuous process.
      The machine can be used with conventional casting rods melting furnace through pumping tin pump combination, to the incubator automatic filling liquid tin; This machine can also be combined with high melting furnace, by playing directly to the valve opening tin tin filling incubator fluid。
      A high production efficiency: capable of continuous automatic casting to achieve a mechatronics。
      2, bar good quality: smooth surface, no oxidation, no holes, end formation, the same length.
      3, easy to operate, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, safe and reliable.
      4, the machine is compact and easy maintenance.

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